Resident Evil: Retribution
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Alice: Ada Wong. Operative for the Umbrella coorporation and one of Albert Wesker's top agents. Now the real question is: Why don't I just cancel your contract right now?

Albert Wesker: The Umbrella Corporation built a new arms race. Only this time, it was biological rather then nuclear. Highly profitable.

The Red Queen: Project Alice, You're all going to die down here.
Alice: I've heard that before.

Alice: Congratulations, you're officially a bad ass.

Alice: My name is Alice, and this is my world.

Continuity mistake: Outside of the corridor of light sequence, nobody ever seems to run out of ammo, or bother to reload, most notably Ada and Alice.


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Trivia: Originally Clair and Chris Redfield were to appear in the film after having been featured in previous movies. But script-changes lead to them being written out, and their fates were left ambiguous. Clair will be re-appearing in the sixth film, however.

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Question: Why in Resident Evil 4 when Alice takes the robotic bug off of Claire's chest it takes her days to remember who she is but when Jill has the same thing done to her she knows who Alice is in under 5 minutes.


Chosen answer: Jill was unconscious at the time, while Claire was awake, therefore the loss of memory may differ by state of mind, or vary from person to person.

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