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Neil: So what do we do now?
Norman Babcock: Uhh... I... I - I really don't know.
Courtney: Yes you do, Norman. You've gotta get to that witch's grave.
Norman Babcock: But.
Courtney: But nothing, you listen to me, buster. We didn't turn away when Daleridge High was slaughtering our volleyball team, did we?
Norman Babcock: Yeah, we did.
Courtney: No, we didn't. I have cheered the un-cheerable, Norman. And I'm not letting you give up now.

Perry Babcock: I wish I understood you.

Courtney: I have cheered the uncheerable.

Courtney: Mom, tell the Zombie to stop saying stuff about me.

Grandma: There's nothing wrong with being scared Norman, so long as you don't let it change who you are.

Neil: What do we do Mitch?
Mitch: I dunno, I dunno.
Neil: You're the oldest.
Mitch: Not mentally.

Aggie: I don't want to go to sleep. And you can't make me.

Neil: Can you see my dog, Bub? He was hit by an animal rescue van. Tragic and ironic.

Neil: Don't make me throw this hummus... it's spicy.

Trivia: The movie offers tribute to Scooby Doo when the Sheriff mentions "Meddling Kids" followed by Velma's classic line "Jinkies" when the car she is in almost crashes. Her teenage partner also speaks in the same manner as Shaggy with his high-pitched, squeaky voice.

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