The Caller

The Caller (2011)

Ending / spoiler

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Mary Kee kills her ex-husband and buries his body in the pantry behind the brick wall. Mary Kee packs up and moves out of Rose's apartment with her dog Dex. Sometime later a realtor comes into Ross's old apartment and shows a couple around, meaning that the apartment might be occupied again by someone.


Plot hole: The very last scene shows Mary building a wall, apparently in her belfry. But there should still be the original wall that Rose built, with the hole in it that Mary smashed in. By killing Rose / having killed Rose, she prevents further harm, but all effects that took place before that (also the building of the wall), should stay (like her scars). It is very unlikely Mary broke down the whole wall just to add another body. (01:28:25)


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Answer: No.

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