The Expendables 2

Revealing mistake: Just the bridge is blown up at the start, you can see all the soldiers have been replaced by dummies. (00:12:10)

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Revealing mistake: When the plane goes through the smoke at the start, the smoke doesn't react in any way - it keeps rising. Surely the wind from the plane would make the smoke drift a different way. (00:12:25)

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Continuity mistake: When the villain has the gun to Billy's head, in one shot it's touching his head, in the next he is about 1-2 feet away. (00:33:45)

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Trench: My shoe is bigger than this car!

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Trivia: Booker is a nod to "Good Guys Wear Black" in which Chuck Norris portrayed a character named John T. Booker. In both films Norris plays a retired military operative in a rescue mission to help his old comrades.


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Question: What is the thing that the five guys are saying in the plane before they make a toast to Billy?

Answer: The words of their chant are "Beware, beware, walk with care. Careful what you do. Or Mumbo Jumbo's gonna hoo-doo you. Mumbo Jumbo's gonna hoo-doo you. Boomlay, boomlay, boomlay, boom!" This comes directly from a poem titled "The Congo" by poet Nicholas Vachel Lindsay ("The Congo and Other Poems"), specifically the lines at the end of part I.

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