Operation Petticoat

Operation Petticoat (1959)

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, Tony Curtis and family arrive in a yellow taxi cab because Grant's wife didn't arrive to bring them. He tells the cab to wait and drive his family back. Then Cary Grant's wife comes flying up in her car, slams on her brakes and slides into the rear of the cab and knocks it into the bus. When the bus pulls off, the cab is attached to it...but it's now black.

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Suggested correction: That is incorrect. Tony Curtis and his wife and children arrive by taxi, which then leaves. Cary Grant's wife arrives a bit later in her car, and hits the back of Grant's black Admiral's car, which was already parked there, pushing it into the bus which drives away with it attached to the back bumper. Grant's wife even says it is his car, and he tells her not to worry because the guards at the Naval gate will stop it. Curtis did not tell the taxi to wait, but had asked a Navy personnel to drive his family home.

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Factual error: Lt. Holden and his men raid a warehouse on the night of 10 December 1941. When Holden is confronted by an MP, he explains his blackened face by saying it was a directive from Admiral Nimitz. However, at the time, Admiral Kimmel was in command of the Pacific Fleet. Nimitz was Chief of the Bureau of Navigation in Washington, and did not replace Kimmel until 17 December.

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Suggested correction: Holden and men didn't raid the warehouse on December 10. The attack on the Sea Tiger occurred on December 10, and Holden wasn't part of the crew yet. He joined the crew after repairs were being made to the sub, so it is possible that by the time he received the transfer orders and got to where Sherman was stationed, Admiral Nimitz had already taken over.

Continuity mistake: After the air raid and the pink sub starts to submerge, there is a good shot of a Zero flying over the sub. You can get a good view of the bottom of the Zero and can see it doesn't have bombs or bomb racks. Yet, after it passes, there is a bomb explosion near the sub.

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Lt. Cmdr Matt T. Serman: Sir, Sea Tiger was built to fight. She deserves a better epitaph than 'Commissioned 1940, sunk 1941, engagements none, shots fired none.' Now, you can't let it go that way. That's like a beautiful woman dying an old maid, if you know what I mean by old maid.
Capt. J.B. Henderson: Did you ever sell used cars?
Lt. Cmdr. Matt T.Sherman: No, Sir.
Capt. J.B. Henderson: I've got a hunch you missed your calling.

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Trivia: The initial premise of the movie, that the nearly-new U.S.S. Sea Tiger was sunk pierside at Cavite on 10 December 1941, then hastily repaired, is based on fact. A nearly-new American submarine was indeed sunk pierside at Cavite on 10 December 1941. Unfortunately, the real-life submarine could not be repaired in time, and had to be blown up. Her name was U.S.S. Sea Lion (SS-195).

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