The House of the Devil

Samantha Hughes (Jocelin Donahue) is a college sophomore in need of money for her new apartment. When she takes a babysitter position for the Ulman family, she thinks she's found her chance. At midnight, during an eclipse, they will use Samantha to help them bring evil into the world. The Ulmans are servants of the devil and want to help him enter the world. They comment about Samantha's beauty and ask her to babysit Mrs. Ulman's mother by mostly sitting downstairs and watching TV. Mr. Ulman tricks Samantha into ordering a pizza, which their evil son Victor delivers. Samantha eats one slice, and notices it doesn't taste right. She passes out because of drugs in the pizza, and the Ulmans capture her and tie her up in the attic, where Mother is revealed to be a demonic witch. They force Samantha to drink blood from a horned skull. Samantha breaks free and injures Mother and Mr. Ulman. Victor tries to kill Samantha, but she kills him. She also kills Mrs. Ulman, but experiences abdominal pain and visions of evil demons. Mr. Ulman tries to convince Samantha to let the devil come once the eclipse is complete, but Samantha refuses and shoots herself in the head to prevent this. She survives, but is now unconscious in a hospital bed, carrying what may be a demonic child as a result of swallowing the blood earlier.

Continuity mistake: When she gets the pizza from the guy at the door, it is in a white box. When she goes in and sets it on the counter, it is in a brown pizza box. Then later, when she is running away covered in blood, she grabs the knife on top of the pizza box, and it is white again.

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Samantha: This one night changes everything for me.

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