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Chon: You're already dead. You're dead from the moment you're born. If you can accept that, you can accept anything.

Chon: Grow up Ben. You don't change the world, it changes you.

Lado: Stop begging! You sound like a woman.

O: That's how I imagined it went down, but the truth has an imagination of its own.

Elena: I like talking to you Ophelia. But let me remind you that if I had to, I wouldn't have a problem cutting both their throats.

Chon: I think, basically, you want us to eat your shit and call it caviar.

Chon: Adrenaline is natures way of telling you 'don't fuck up.'.

Dolores: I promise I'll kill you.
Lado: That's the Dolores I'd like to fuck.

Lado: You think you left the old ways behind? Well, let me tell you something. Tijuana is coming here. It's chasing us.

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