Total Recall

Douglas Quaid is really Cole Hauser, a spy for Cohaagen sent to infiltrate the resistance who unintentionally fell in love with Melina and chose to work for them. Cohaagen sends an army of robotic sentries to the Colony via the Fall to destroy the citizens there, but Hauser and Melina blow up the Fall and kill Cohaagen. Hauser wakes up in a medical facility where his "wife" Lori tries to kill him, but he kills her. Hauser and Melina embrace as Hauser notices an ad for Rekall out of the corner of his eye, subtlety hinting that the whole thing might have been a dream.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Cohaagen's team break into the train station, some of them enter through the top windows. It was previously established that the atmosphere in that area was unbreathable, but Cohaagen and the rest of the crew move around just fine without the need of a mask, even though the windows to the outside are broken.


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Three-Breasted Woman: You're going to wish you had three hands.

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Question: Maybe I wasn't paying attention but Hammond (the man on the phone) and Hauser himself tell him about a key, which he finds in the piano. When did he use this, and why did they make such a big deal about it, mentioning it twice, he would "know how to use it"? How did he know the safety deposit box (number 10549) Hauser and Hammond never said this.

Answer: First off, they made such a big deal about it because it was the key to a more involved message from Hauser and they wanted to make sure that he knew it was important. But regarding the safety deposit box, after the phone message from Hammond, Quaid got a text message that told him a bank name and a box number.

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Answer: Early in the movie, Quaid says he wants to learn how to play the piano.

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