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Corrected entry: Dredd throws Ma-Ma down face up, but in the next shots her face is down.


Correction: While she is thrown out the window face up, in the next shot of her, she's still face up but you can see her twisting as she's falling. It's only when she's going through the clouds she's face down. But by then you can see she's fallen quite a ways already. And she continues to twist in the air so that when she hits the ground, she's nearly vertical.

Corrected entry: Dredd and Anderson are examining the three bodies after just arriving at the Peach Tree. Dredd asked Anderson what she makes of the burns in the victim's mouth. There are two noticeable bumps, one on her upper lip and another on her chin, probably pimples. They disappear in the next shots. (00:16:50)


Correction: Different camera angles cover them, mostly the one one the chin. The one on the lip is always visible but lighting reduces its appearance.

Anastasios Anastasatos

Corrected entry: The guy who shoots Dredd in the information booth uses the same gun that one of the guys outside the medical center had. You can tell by the very distinctive tape around the front end of the gun. It would seem extremely unlikely that they would have both done that, or that the second guy would go down more than 150 stories just to get a weapon, when there are plenty at hand.


Correction: Why wouldn't they have both done it? It must serve some sort of purpose, whether functional or symbolic. If one person finds cause to apply tape to their gun, it stands to reason several others would as well.

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Corrected entry: The silencers on the Judges' guns don't seem to make any difference: they sound exactly the same in normal as in silencer mode.


Correction: Yes, just like a real silencer. Silencers don't actually "silence" a weapon, they just make it very slightly quieter, like 15% or so. (The soft sound heard in most movies is very inaccurate). As the target, it's more difficult to judge how far away the weapon being fired is because you don't know if it's a distant weapon or a nearer but silenced weapon that's being shot at you, thereby making it more difficult to determine where to aim return fire. The guns sound the same to the viewing audience because there's not a lot of discernible difference on your TV between a sound that is 120 decibels (silenced gunfire) and a sound that is 140 decibels (normal gunfire) and we're always right next to the guns as they're being fired, not across the atrium with the villains being fired upon, so the effect would be almost totally lost on us anyway.

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Corrected entry: When Dredd is going through the ammo options and they all indicate empty, you can see that the display on the side of the gun is turned off, when it should have lettering on it. (01:15:00)


Correction: The display could not have been off since we only know the gun is empty because we can see the word "Empty" under the type of ammo Dredd has called up on the display. Any other angle in which it appears to be off is just because a bright blue light shining out of your gun in every direction isn't very tactical, so it's only visible from a very narrow angle; we have such technology now, so they certainly have it in this future world.

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Corrected entry: When Dredd got shot at the basement where the mafia makes drugs, the bullet got out on the left side of his lower stomach. There you could see the penetration of the bullet on the vest. Later when Dredd fix him self up, and move in action the bullet hole on the vest is gone both in front and back. But we did not see him replace the vest.

Correction: The hole in his vest is simply not visible because it is covered by his armor.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the judge asks Ma-Ma who the problem judge is, she replied that she did not know. Judge Dredd had announced his name to the entire building over intercom not too long before that time. (01:01:10 - 01:06:05)

Correction: Judge Lex does not ask Ma-Ma who the problem judge is, he knows it's Judge Dredd. He says it'll cost her a million credits and she questions this (she says "one million?") He is basically asking her do you know who Judge Dredd is and she says no, she does not know his reputation or why kind of judge he is, nor the extent of her problem. His reply is he does know who Judge Dredd is and that's why it's going to cost her one million credits.


Correction: And she didn't recall his name, specifically. She's got a lot on her mind just then. Sometimes details don't stick.

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Corrected entry: When Ma-Ma decides to call in the crooked judges, a shot of all 4 on their bikes is shown. Three of them have very obvious black and red helmets but the one closest to camera is completely black. However when they walk up to Peach Trees, all helmets are identical.

Geoff Owens

Correction: It's not completely black. You can see throughout the scenes with Judge Lex that the left side of his helmet is faded and the red is not as sharp and partly worn away. The right side has more visible red to it and we see his right side at the gate. But, on the motorcycle, we see the faded left side, only in the dark so it may appear all black, but it's not.


Continuity mistake: The homeless beggar at the entrance of Peach Trees gets splattered by the blast doors closing, creating a pool of blood on the ground. When they open again at the end of the film there is no blood or body.

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Judge Dredd: The perps were uncooperative.

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Trivia: Dredd's count outside the medical center is unusually perfect for time in a movie: there are exactly twenty seconds between his warning and the first shot.

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