Ted (2012)

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Directed by: Seth MacFarlane

Starring: Joel McHale, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis

Genres: Comedy

Corrected entry: In the beginning, Ted and John are young when Ted is on the Johnny Carson show at the same time the kidnappers kid is watching, but when Ted and John is all grown up, the kidnapper's kid is still the same age.

Correction: That wasn't the kidnapper's son. That was the kidnapper when he was a kid. He even said that he loved Ted since he saw him on TV when he was a kid.


Corrected entry: When they hang out with Sam Jones from the Flash Gordon Movie, Sam says "Death to Ming", and that reference is later repeated again. But, in Flash Gordon, Flash never says those words. "Death to Ming" was uttered by the King of Ardentia just after Ming commanded him to fall onto his own sword.

Steve Richards

Correction: Sam Jones wasn't quoting himself, nor is it ever stated he was. The neighbor's name was Ming and Sam (being a little crazed) simply said "death to Ming" before attacking him.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Flash punches through the wall and the neighbor stabs through with a knife, watch closely as the camera makes a mistake and films the "set." Basically what happens is the camera moves too far to the right and films for a split second the room the Asian neighbor is in, while you can still see the room Flash is in, revealing the studio built apartment.

Correction: If you look closely, it is not actually the studio next door but a poster on the wall.

Corrected entry: After the scene in Ted's new apartment. We see John sitting on the couch doing up his tie. When Lori puts her arms around his neck, we see John doing the final loop on his tie. When the camera goes closer to the couple, John does the final loop again.

Correction: John is actually doing a windsor knot with his tie which requires him to do 2 loops through the front.

Corrected entry: After Ted moves out and John is on the couch getting ready for work and Lori is standing behind him he starts to tie his tie. Then the camera closes in and he starts back over tying it.

Correction: This is actually just the type of knot he is tying in the film. The double windsor knot requires to be passed from the front through to the back twice. When the camera switches back he is making the second loop, and the tie ends up in a nice neat double windsor knot.

Corrected entry: There is a scene when Ted is in his apartment and goes to the refrigerator for a beverage. He suddenly then goes to the door and finds Donny there even though the bell has not rung or nobody has knocked on the door - lace of proper sound effect.

Correction: Ted is not in his own appartment. He was there to meet with to the girl only. When she left the appartment, he took a beer out of her fridge and he wanted to leave the appartment also. That was why he opened that door.


Corrected entry: There is a scene in the hotel after John and Lori breakup. Ted enters from the sliding door during a very heavy rainstorm. In the next scene on the same night they go to the Hatch shell for an outdoor concert where it is no evidence that it has rained.

Correction: Not only time has passed but they also went to a different location. The fact that it rained at the hotel does not mean it should have rained at the concert too.


Corrected entry: The fat son of the kidnapper rips off Ted's ear while in his bedroom. Just moments later during the escape sequence, Ted's ear is reattached.

Correction: There is a part where Ted staples his ear back together with a stapler.

Correction: No, it doesn't. That's the last shot of the scene. We just don't see him wipe it off.

MovieFan612 Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ted talks on his phone he places the phone in the position where a human ear would be located, yet Ted's ears are located on the top of his head.

Correction: After Ted came to life, he can blink despite not having eyelids as a stuffed bear. We don't know where he can hear out of. Plus, his hearing might be good enough that the location is suitable.


Corrected entry: When the news shows Ted being arrested at an airport, Ted gives the camera the finger. When he does this, his hand is censored, but Ted doesn't actually have any fingers.


Correction: This is done as a joke, that the media deemed the gesture offensive even without fingers.


Continuity mistake: When Ted is captive and calls John on his iPhone, in one shot it's the right way up to his ear and then it's suddenly upside down.

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John: You know, sometimes I think back to that Christmas morning when I was eight years old. I wish I had just gotten a Teddy Ruxpin.
Ted: Say that one more time.

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Trivia: Jared (the person that Guy introduces John to as the one who has been beating him up), is played by Ryan Reynolds, who is uncredited in the film. Reynolds has appeared in other works by McFarlane as well.


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