That's My Boy

That's My Boy (2012)

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Factual error: The beginning scene of the film is supposed to be in 1984. An Alf lunch box can be seen being carried by one of the students and Alf wasn't on the air until 1986.

Continuity mistake: When Donny first meets Jaime and he gives her the "book", she opens it, but when the camera angle changes to being behind Donny, the "book" is closed, but then changes back and the "book" is opened again.


Factual error: Mary gets a sentence of 28 years. Her relationship with Donny is a second degree felony and the maximum sentence is 20 years.


Continuity mistake: When we first see Mary McGarricle her eyes are hazel. During the reunion years later they're suddenly brown.


Continuity mistake: When Mary starts talking during the prison visit her uniform's buttoned up. A shot later it's unbuttoned then back to being buttoned when she's talking sexy to Donny.


Continuity mistake: When the guys are at the spa getting their pedicures, a woman comes in with chocolates. When she turns, she no longer has them.

Factual error: There's no way any prison would allow a prisoner to wear a personal shirt under their uniform. Sarandon's shown wearing a Hulk Hogan T-shirt.


Donny: Look at you guys. You've got your faces covered in leprechaun shit. We should be getting whacked off, all of us, as a fucking team.

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