On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Trivia: All of the guards at the clinic on the mountain have the Olympic rings on their orange track suit tops.


Trivia: While Bond is meeting with Sir Hillary, the Bond family motto is briefly mentioned - The World Is Not Enough.


Trivia: In the scene where Draco is talking to Bond, in Draco's office, look closely at the picture in the portrait frame on the bookcase, in the background. The lady in the picture is Diana Rigg's mother. (Possibly an "in-joke" by the Bond production team?)


Trivia: When Bond is taken to a locker room by Draco's men they pass a janitor who is whistling a very distinct tune, the tune is Goldfinger, the third official Bond film tune.


Trivia: George Lazenby's first and only appearance as James Bond. He had said that because of the counter-culture of the late 1960s, he felt that the character of Bond will be obsolete, so he did not return for the next film.

Trivia: The first shot immediately after the opening titles shows a shiny brass plaque "INTERNATIONAL EXPORTS LTD". Look closely at the reflection just visible in the bottom left of the plaque, and you'll see a man walking past. It's the film's director, Peter Hunt, making a "blink and you'll miss it" cameo appearance.

Trivia: Bond (Lazenby) rescues Diana Rigg from her attempted suicide on the beach, but then is attacked by two men. While he is busy punching it out with them, Rigg jumps into her car and drives away. Emerging victorious from the brawl just in time to see her vanish over the horizon, he mutters, "This never happened to the other fellow" - a reference to his predecessor Connery's movie successes with the other sex.

Trivia: "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is the longest Bond film made of the series. It is both longest in terms of running time (136 minutes) and longest in terms of the time it took to shoot the movie. Filming began at Schilthorn, Switzerland, on 21st October 1968, and finally "wrapped up" at Pinewood Studios, England, on 20th June 1969 - one day short of eight months later

Trivia: When Bond is in his office he takes out some gadgets. The music that plays when Bond takes out the gadgets matches the film they are from.

Trivia: Contrary to popular belief at the time, the film was not a flop in the U.S. In fact it was the ninth most profitable film of 1970.


Trivia: Although Australian George Lazenby received mixed critical reception for his portrayal of James Bond in 1969, producer Albert R. Broccoli was so impressed with the actor that he offered Lazenby a contract to star in the next seven (7) James Bond films. If Lazenby had accepted the contract, it would have erased Sean Connery's return in 1970 and Roger Moore's participation in James Bond film history through the year 1983. As it happened, Lazenby's agent poorly advised him that the James Bond franchise would never survive the 1970s, so Lazenby turned down Broccoli's extraordinary contract offer.

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Trivia: George Lazenby was not allowed to do any of the actual skiing seen in the film due to insurance liabilities.


Trivia: Ilse Steppat, who played Irma Bunt, passed away on 22 December 1969, just four days after the film's release.

Trivia: Before being cast as James Bond, George Lazenby was known in Britain as 'The Big Fry Man' after the chocolate bar commercials he starred in, carrying an outsize bar on his shoulder.

Trivia: While probably not an intentional reference, it's interesting that the opening gun barrel sequence foreshadows Lazenby being the only Bond who proposes marriage and would leave the franchise after only one movie. Not only does he drop to one knee to fire at the barrel, but he also disappears from the sights when the blood begins to ooze down over the lens.

Trivia: Both wedding rings have "All The Time In The World" engraved on them, and only two were made for the film.

Trivia: One perceived problem with George Lazenby as James Bond was that he did not exude the same self-confident charm and humor as Sean Connery's James Bond (who always quipped some memorable and comedic sound bite, particularly after killing a villain). Lazenby's humor-deficiency was acknowledged during production of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"; toward rectifying this apparent lack of humor, Lazenby was allowed to do something no other James Bond ever did: Addressing the viewing audience with the line, "This never happened to the other fellow," which was a direct in-joke reference to his predecessor, Sean Connery.

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Trivia: Unlike other James Bond movies, this film is the most faithful adaptation of any James Bond novel. Everything that happens in Ian Fleming's 1963 novel, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," is included in this film.

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Trivia: Telly Savalas replaced Donald Pleasance as Blofeld because the producer felt Pleasance would not be able to perform the physical demands of the role.

Trivia: While filming a chase sequence through the back streets and over the roof tops of London, George Lazenby injured his arm scaling a wall. In the scene, Bond discovers one of Blofeld's men spying on his meeting with Hilary Bray at the College of Arms and gives chase. The entire sequence was deleted from the final cut.

Audio problem: In the opening scene, Bond sees Tracy in the ocean and drives his Aston Martin onto the beach to rescue her. When he stops, we hear screeching tyres, but he is driving on sand.

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Tracy: You're very sure of yourself, aren't you? Suppose I were to kill you for a thrill.
James Bond: I can think of something more sociable to do.

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Question: Did Blofeld mean to kill Tracy or was it dumb luck?


Answer: It's ambiguous. Most likely both were targeted to be killed.

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