Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Corrected entry: When Lincoln is giving the Gettysburg address towards the end, the flag flying on stage with him is a modern fifty star flag. There were just over thirty states at the time of the address. (01:34:30)

Correction: The flag shown has 5 rows of 7 stars, and is the correct design for the era - 35 states between July 4, 1863 and July 3, 1865. The Gettysburg Address was given in November 19, 1863.

Corrected entry: Henry states during Abraham's training (while explaining the story behind silver) that vampires do not have reflections. Pretty standard vampire lore, but when Lincoln goes to the plantation dance he is invited to, you can see the reflections of all of the vampires in the window.

Correction: During the Plantation scene, there are multiple close up shots of Abraham and Speed watching the dancers from the outside, through windows. Clearly the reflections of both the slaves and the vampires can be seen in the glass. However, when Henry was explaining to Lincoln that vampires had a weakness to silver and could be killed by silver weapons, he also explicitly said they don't show reflections in *mirrors* and it's implied that it's because of the silver is used in mirrors to be reflective. They can show a reflection in reflective materials that aren't silver.

Corrected entry: Adam, the main vampire, claims he was 5000 years old. Judas was the first vampire as said in the movie and he was born somewhere around the year 0. That's 2000 years ago.

Correction: Judas is not said to be the first vampire in this film (he was in 'Dracula 2000', but not here). The story of Judas is told to explain how silver can kill vampires - that his act of betrayal caused silver to be a cursed substance and harmful to cursed creatures such as vampires because of the affront to God it represents.


Corrected entry: The movie uses the typical "vampires hate silver" mythos. When Adam opens Jack Bart's coffin, he is clutching Lincoln's silver pocket watch. Either he stole it from Lincoln before his death or Lincoln put it there, but either way, it should have been burning him up since he is a vampire. Also, the watch was given to Lincoln by Henry, another vampire, though Henry possibly could have been wearing gloves to negate the silver.

Correction: Vampires can hold a wooden stake, too, without coming to harm. They have to be stabbed in the heart with it before they'll die. Silver can kill these vampires, but only if it is actually used to cause what would be a mortal wound to a mortal man.

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Corrected entry: Abraham's axe has a gun built into the handle. During the train scene, the main vampire breaks his axe over his knee. This is amazing, due to the fact that the gun barrel inside the axe handle wouldn't have snapped.

Correction: And why wouldn't it have snapped? If the metal was stressed to such a degree and with such speed by a vampire's super-strength, especially having nowhere to bend being completely encased in wood, it could certainly have snapped.

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Corrected entry: In a flashback, Henry reveals to the audience that vampires cannot kill one another as he attempts to stab Adam multiple times. Adam is seemingly surrounded by an invisible force field. Towards the end of the movie, however, Adam and Henry beat the living daylights out of each other and cause visible damage. Did some magical event take place on the train that allowed vampires to harm each other? We may never know.

Correction: Vampires can't kill one another. But they can still make physical contact with each other so long as such contact will not result in the death of one or the other.

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Corrected entry: It's commonly accepted that vampires are nocturnal and that sunlight is their natural enemy. However, there is more than one scene in this movie where there are vampires out and about in the light of day. For example, the scene where they are riding on horses among a herd.


Correction: Actually, the original Dracula was less powerful in sunlight, it didn't hurt him. The sunlight weakness was tacked on in movies. Lately it has become more common for vampires to be less vulnerable to the sun. This movie, Twilight, Dark Shadows are just a few.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when President Lincoln is giving his famous speech, his hat is shown on the table beside him. As the camera pans around him, the hat disappears and then magically reappears in his hands.

Correction: As he is giving the address, there is a breeze and the hat slides off the table. As the crowd applauds you can see him bend over and pick it up.

Corrected entry: Even accounting for some creative license to allow for Lincoln's secret life as a vampire hunter, the film is littered with historical inaccuracies. Lincoln's mother died in 1818, and the film states his father died nine years later; his father actually died in 1851. William Johnson was about 30 years younger than Lincoln, not his childhood friend. Lincoln's son Willie is killed in retaliation for Lincoln signing the Emancipation Proclamation, which he announced after the Battle of Antietam in September 1862 and took effect Jan. 1, 1863; but Willie actually died in Feb. 1862, almost a year earlier.


Correction: Lincoln also never hunted vampires. this is not a historical documentary. This is an alternate realty where Lincoln is a vampire hunter. As such, creative license can't be ignored.


Corrected entry: In the train scene, Henry is beat up significantly by Adam. This directly contradicts an earlier scene where Henry could not touch or kill Adam due to the rules regarding vampires; Adam is still able to maim Henry and even bite him.

Correction: They're not able to KILL one another. Nothing was ever said about one vampire merely touching or even striking another vampire. So long as it's not a death blow, anything goes.

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Factual error: At the start of the war, it says Fort Sumter 1861. However, on the battlefield we see the US flag with 35 stars. In April 1861, there were only 33 states.


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Henry Sturgess: A man only drinks like that when he's planning to kiss a girl or kill a man. Which is it?

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Question: What exactly was Adam's plan the whole time? I don't fully understand it and even if I did, how does that make him the bad guy? Can someone please explain?

Answer: Adam wanted to turn the whole nation into vampires. And as head vampire, he would be the leader. Part of the plot line was vampires feed on slaves, so Adam wanted to keep slavery legal. During the course of the Civil War, Adam conspired with Jefferson Davis to send vampires to the front line to help with the war for the South, in return for claims to the North for his clan (although he would probably turn on the South afterwards).


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