Piranha 3DD
Movie Quote Quiz

David Hasselhoff: Holy fuck! I'm getting old.

Deputy Fallon: I hate the water.
Andrew: I hate the fish.

Big Dave: Nobody munches on Big Dave's ass, bitch! ¬°Adios, pescados.

Maddy: Chet, tell me you did not fire our lifeguards and replace them with... strippers.
Chet: Water-certified strippers.

Shelby: Josh cut off his penis because something came out of my vagina.

Andrew: How the hell did you buy that shotgun leg?
Deputy Fallon: With the money I saved on socks.

Deputy Fallon: Bring me my legs.

Chet: Double D's get in for free.

Josh: What the fuck is on my dick?

David Hasselhoff: Welcome to rock bottom.

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