Chernobyl Diaries

Other mistake: At the end, we learn that the predators are escaped patients from a hospital, ostensibly horribly mutated survivors of the accident. But if they've "escaped" into Pripyat, the hospital must be located inside the exclusion zone, and why in the world would they use a hospital there? All patients and staff were evacuated from the Pripyat hospital on April 29th 1986.

Factual error: The idea that anyone survived living in Pripyat Hospital is absurd. The uniforms of the doomed firefighters were stored in the basement and are so radioactive that anyone straying downstairs for more than 45 seconds has about a week to live. The ground and upper floors are far less radioactive but prolonged exposure - in other words, living there - would be fatal. Nobody could survive on the grounds for more than two or three months without receiving a lethal dose of radioactivity. Incidentally, prolonged exposure to radioactivity doesn't turn you into a deranged zombie - it turns you into a corpse.


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Paul: Have you heard of extreme tourism?

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