Men in Black 3

The younger version of Agent K kills Boris, but not before Boris kills the helpful NASA colonel who helped J and K. A little boy comes out - it turns out the little boy is a young J, and the colonel was his father. K reluctantly neuralyzes young J and promises that he will be looked after. Older J returns to present day, where K is alive and all is well.


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Continuity mistake: After busting out of the cake and killing the two Lunar Max guards, Boris' hand creature goes to free him. It first blasts spikes at the shackles on his legs and busts them, then begins climbing up to work on Boris' arm piece. In the shot where his leg shackles come off, you see the spike the creature shoots at them stuck in the metal and hanging off to the side. But in the shot where his arm piece falls to the floor, these spikes have vanished from his leg shackles. (00:03:35)

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Agent J: That, gentlemen, is a standard-issue neuralyzer. But you're not gonna remember that. And just because you see a black man driving a nice car does not mean it's stolen! ...Uh, eh. I stole that one. But not because I'm black!

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Trivia: Rick Baker, the special make up effects artist, appears as the alien with an exposed cranium at Z's funeral. (00:08:25)

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Question: In the Lunar Max prison, the guards have patches on their uniforms bearing the initials, IDOC. What does that stand for?

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Chosen answer: Most likely "Intergalactic Department Of Corrections."

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