On Deadly Ground

Continuity mistake: In the very first scene when Seagal first gets off the helicopter we see that he's wearing a navy blue shirt tucked into his jeans. In the next shot he's shown wearing the yellow suit but instead has a white shirt on underneath instead of the navy blue one.

Continuity mistake: When Segal rides into the hills he is wearing an embroidered and fringed hide tunic. At this point the tunic is a pale cream colour, later, at the refinery the tunic appears to be a dark rust colour, and even later, after all the explosions, when they are escaping from the refinery it has become a light tan. Was he carrying a couple of spares?

Continuity mistake: When Forrest is fighting with the oil worker AKA big balls, big balls is knocked to the ground and emerges with one side of his face covered in a red liquid (ketchup or blood). In the very next shot of him we see that his face is totally clean even from the grime of working in the oil refinery.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Steven Seagal is fighting the man in the bar. He hits the man, who falls to the floor and vomits. In the next shot the man is laying on the floor and no vomit is seen on the floor, but comments are made about it from bystanders.

Continuity mistake: When MacGruder is trying to find out where Hugh Palmer has hidden the log books, he sits on a chair and takes his glasses from their case. In the next shot, his glasses are already fully open and he is cleaning them with a cloth.


Continuity mistake: When Seagal is making a silencer out of a soda pop bottle, you see him tape the bottle completely to the gun, which would prevent him from taking a subsequent shot. After he fires through the window and comes through the door, the tape and bottle are completely gone and the gun is back to normal.

Continuity mistake: Michael Caine gets the rundown from the mercenaries that are to kill Steven Seagal, the lead mercenary takes Caine to one side and asks how he wants him delivered. The camera shot changes to a side view of Caine, and he turns his head full to the right and talks to the camera as if its the lead mercenary's viewpoint. The problem with this shot is the mercenary is stood in front of Caine, when Caine turns his head full to the right as per the next camera shot, it means in actuality, he's turned his head away from the mercenary completely and is talking to empty space.


Factual error: It is physically impossible to snow machine from the arctic circle area to Valdez in one day, as Steven Segal does.

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Forrest Taft: Well, let's see, that's natives 8, oil workers 0. Anyone else wanna play with Cupcake?

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