Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
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Dr. Isaac Cushing: She will tear up the whole town until she finds Harry.
Deputy Charlie: And then she'll tear up Harry.

Harry Archer: They need my permission to operate. They're looking for me now to sign the papers.
Honey Parker: That's great. That's wonderful. Just hide out here for a few days and let her blow up like a balloon.

Deputy Charlie: What's with her? Is she off her rocker or something?
Sheriff Dubbitt: Don't look back. But as long as she pays most of the taxes around here, we play along with her.

Dr. Heinrich Von Loeb: If you hadn't succeeded in giving her that sedative, there's no telling what would have happened.
Dr. Isaac Cushing: Well, thank heaven we got the chains on her arms and legs.

Harry Archer: No one thinks your - crazy, Nancy.
Nancy Archer: How nice. Then you believe me? You believe I saw the satellite.
Harry Archer: Well, it's not the first time someone has seen a satellite.
Nancy Archer: Right in the road? With a giant in it?

Nancy Archer: I know where my husband is! He's with that woman.

Deputy Charlie: She's tearing outta here like she was headin' for the moon.
Sheriff Dubbitt: Poor, mixed-up, Mrs. Archer. I feel kinda sorry for her.
Deputy Charlie: Yeah, well, I feel a lot sorrier for her husband if she ever catches him with that Honey Parker, he's got stashed away at the hotel. Ooh, what a doll.

Honey Parker: The serum that private nurse is using in her hypodermic needle, I heard the doctor tell her that an overdose would be fatal.
Harry Archer: Money certainly brings out the best in you, doesn't it?
Honey Parker: Have you got the nerve?
Harry Archer: Read the morning papers.

Honey Parker: Didn't you say she was in the nuthouse for awhile?
Harry Archer: A private sanitarium.
Honey Parker: What's the difference. She was off her rocker, wasn't she?
Harry Archer: I suppose so. They've got some fancy name for it.

Harry Archer: You know everyone's seeing satellites these days.

Dr. Heinrich Von Loeb: The blue green color around the scratches at her throat. I would venture to say, it's some sort of radiation, which we in medicine have never touched upon.

Nancy Archer: I didn't feel like sitting there and watching you flirt all evening with that redheaded wench you call Honey.
Harry Archer: For heaven's sake, Nancy. Why, I hardly nodded to the girl.
Nancy Archer: Now, you listen to me, Harry, I won't stand for any more of your two-timing! You keep away from that girl in that hotel, you hear? Your backdoor romance has split us up once already. The next time there won't be any reconciliation.

Dr. Isaac Cushing: I'm afraid I was unwise in advising her to take Harry back after they'd separated.
Dr. Heinrich Von Loeb: Who knows, my friend. When women reach the age of maturity, Mother Nature sometimes overworks the frustration to the point of irrationalism. Like the middle aged man, of our age, who finds himself looking longingly at the girl in her early 20s.

Honey Parker: You know what our problem is? We both have the same disease: money, and happy ways of spending it.

Harry Archer: Hey, hey, hey, Tony, something's happen to your lights.
Tony the Bartender: I got eyes, I can see.
Honey Parker: Who needs lights?

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