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The Rookie (1990)

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Correction: And yet I can hear "bloopers" from newscasts aired on certain radio programs on satellite radio which repeatedly demonstrate unbleeped expletives being said on regular radio and TV. As long as the station immediately, or after a commercial break, offers an apology, most of the time they are not penalized. I've even heard expletives on live shows like Good Morning America, which they then have to apologize for.


Character mistake: When David is at Nick's house looking at his motorcycles, he says "Oh wow, a '48 FL", then asks for the key and cranks it over with an electric starter. The first Harley with a starter was a 1965 FLH.

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Strom: What made you think that a dumb Polack like you could outsmart someone like me?
Nick Pulovski: Well, it's just that the arrogant fuckin' Kraut like you was in the firing line.

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