The Cabin in the Woods

By the end, only Dana and Marty are left. They make their way down to the underground control room and let loose all the horror movie monsters meant as potential killers for them. The creatures kill all the workers. The Director of the whole operation tells Dana and Marty that the whole thing was a staged ritual to sacrifice people to the gods that ruled the Earth years ago and now reside underground. If the gods don't recieve a proper sacrifice, they rise and destroy the world. Dana considers killing Marty to save the world, but she is attacked by a werewolf. Marty fights the Director, who gets killed by a zombie. Bloody and battered, Dana and Marty share a joint as the gods rise to destroy the world.


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Continuity mistake: Before Dana and Marty enter the control room and release all the monsters into the control centre, there is a thermos flask and a torch sitting next to each other on the control room's desk. But once they enter the control room, the position of the thermos flask and torch have changed without anyone touching them.


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Marty: Ok, I'm drawing a line in the fucking sand. Do NOT read the Latin!

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Trivia: One of the creatures glimpsed jumping out of the lift is one of the small monsters which attack people in the subway in "Cloverfield". The director of this movie, Drew Goddard, wrote Cloverfield.

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Question: Is there a reason, that a facility full of monsters would ever, under any circumstances have a System Purge button? Is it just to make satire of the fact that the antagonist is usually stupid?

Answer: As you said, it is a satire of the common Deus Ex Machina trope you find in such films.

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