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Corrected entry: After Emilie gets off the escape pod and rejoins Snow on MS-1, they begin to argue whether her father would authorise an attack with her still aboard. As Snow says "I would love to, but I can't", his back is to Emilie until he spins around facing her and the camera. His mouth does not move when he utters "I can't." (01:07:25)


Correction: His mouth does not have to be moving to say "I can't". He is talking through his teeth at that point, as depicted by his open mouth. Try it yourself. Say 'I can't' through your teeth. Your lips don't need to move.

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Deliberate mistake: The bomb is placed on M.S. One and Snow and Emilie get in the space suits. A cut to the bomb shows 14 seconds. Then back to Snow and Emilie as they talk for a bit. About 14 to 15 seconds go by, and then it cuts back to the bomb, which now shows 10 seconds... It counts down to 8, and then cuts back to Snow and Emilie as they run and jump out of M.S. One. The shot lasts about 7 or 8 seconds, then cuts back to the bomb, which now shows 2 seconds. The timing between shots and syncing with the bomb is way off here. (01:20:20)

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Hydell: Listen, if you're gonna shit yourself, now would be the perfect time, wouldn't it?

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Trivia: When Hydell makes "Hairdo" open up all the stasis chambers, a prisoner steps out of one and is disoriented from still being half frozen. He steps out and falls over the edge, and lets out a Wilhelm scream. (00:18:55)

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Question: When Hydell takes Hock's gun and the shooting starts, what causes the explosion? (00:16:55)

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Chosen answer: They are in a space station prison. Most likely the bullet from the gun hit an oxygen tank or line and caused a spark. Pure oxygen is highly explosive.

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