The Hunger Games

Continuity mistake: In the evaluation scene where Katniss shows off her bow and arrow skills, there are 4 arrows total. However, when she leaves, all 4 are gone, and she only shot 3.

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Suggested correction: When she comes in, there are 5 arrows. She shoots 3 and when she walks away, you see 2 arrows left.


Other mistake: The video stream displayed in the night sky showing which tributes have died after the first day does not add up correctly. They display in district order. We see the start, the girl from three (so the boy is still alive), and the boy from four with no breaks. Then they break away to show Katniss and the control room, after which they continuously show the boy and girl from seven, the boy from eight (so the girl is still alive), the girl from nine (so the boy is still alive), and then fade to the end. We know that Foxface, the girl from five, dies later in the movie. Even if we assume that during the portion not shown, the girl from four, the boy from five, and both tributes from six are dead, that's only a total of ten. Thirteen are supposed to be dead at that point in the movie. (01:16:20)


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Continuity mistake: In the shot where Katniss walks up the steps after volunteering to replace Primrose, Effie's fingers are waving her forward, but on the giant screen visible in the background, her hand is still. (00:16:05)

Continuity mistake: In the cornucopia bloodbath, the District 3 girl can be seen lying dead next to Cato when he picks up the water container, yet only moments later you see her in the distance of one shot being killed by a boy tribute (being slashed to the neck).

Liam D

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Katniss is looking for Peeta, Katniss wades across the river. When she steps out she is wet up to her thighs. When the camera changes directions, and she sees the blood, her bottom half is dry, even though she was just in water.

Elizabeth L.

Audio problem: When Katniss kills Marvel with her bow and arrow when she's with Rue, the cannon (which goes off when a tribute dies) doesn't fire. This happens a couple of other times in the movie too. (01:25:25)


Visible crew/equipment: After Katniss has destroyed the stockpile at Cornucopia, she runs back into the forest and stops to whistle to the mockingjay and signal Rue. In the wide shot you can very see a blue marker for where she needed to stop.


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Continuity mistake: Just after Katniss and Peeta use the healing cream, the wound on Katniss' forehead goes from healed/dry to fresh and then healed/dry again. (01:52:00)


Other mistake: When Katniss retrieves the bow and arrows from Glimmer, there are six arrows in the quiver. She probably recovered the two arrows that Glimmer and Cato shot at her in the tree, bringing the total to eight. Katniss did not recover the two arrows she used to blow up the Careers' supplies, bringing her total down to six. She probably recovered the arrow used to kill Marvel, but did not recover the two arrows she shot at Clove, bringing her total to five. She did not recover the arrow used to kill the muttation, nor did she recover the two arrows used on Cato, meaning that at the end of the Games, she should only have had two arrows remaining. However, at the end, she still had about half a dozen arrows remaining.

Continuity mistake: When Katniss, Peeta and Cato are on top of the Cornucopia, the blood stains on Cato's hand keep disappearing and reappearing when the camera switches between Cato and Katniss. (02:00:30)

Elizabeth L.

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Continuity mistake: As the tributes' chariots roll into the stadium, the Capitol citizens are throwing flowers to the tributes as they pass. When all the tributes are gathered at the end of the roadway, an overhead shot is shown and the runway is clean and flower-free. (00:33:15)

Elizabeth L.

Revealing mistake: When Katniss is blown back from the explosion, her stunt person is visible. This can be proven because the stuntperson's skin tone is different and her hair is not in a braid. It is in a ponytail. Wires can also be seen pulling her to give the illusion that she was blown back from the explosion. (01:33:00)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Katniss uses the remote to change the scene in her bedroom window in the Capitol, her hair starts out stringy (having just been taken out of the braids she wore in the opening ceremony) and changes to full and beautiful and switches positions around her face and shoulders as the scene progresses. (00:34:10)

Other mistake: When Katniss, Peeta, and Cato are on top of the Cornucopia (after being chased by the muttations), near the end of the film, Katniss aims an arrow at Cato while having Peeta in a headlock. Katniss has her arrow fletchings on backwards. This would prevent her from shooting straight. (02:00:25)

Elizabeth L.

Character mistake: When Katniss is trying to destroy the supply pile, we see a close up of her drawing back on the her bow. We see she has the arrow to the left of the grip, meaning the fletchings (feathers at the end by the string) have to be facing to the left. Otherwise the fletchings will hit the grip, rip off, and make the arrow unstable in flight and go completely off course. However, the fletchings are are facing to the right and so will hit the grip. Any archer or anyone who is skilled with a bow would know this. (01:32:45)

Ssiscool Premium member

Other mistake: We are told that there are a boy and a girl tribute from each of the 12 districts, making a total of 24 tributes. However, in the scene when Katniss is figuring out the Cornucopia stockpile is mined, the camera sweeps round dug-up earth next to all of the launch pedestals - yet only 20 pedestals can be counted. This can also be seen from an aerial shot in the same scene.

Liam D

Continuity mistake: When Clove, the knife-wielding girl from District 2, attacks Katniss, the sun's position changes in every shot. (01:52:00)


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Continuity mistake: When Caesar Flickerman is interviewing Katniss on TV, a chunk of her up-swept hairdo keeps changing, hanging down next to her left cheek in one shot, then it disappears in a close-up, then it's hanging down again. (00:56:15)

raywest Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Katniss is saying goodbye to Gale, just before she is taken away for the games, there is a small curl of hair hanging down the left side of her neck that can be seen in all the shots when the camera is behind her. Whenever the camera angle changes to a face shot, the curl of hair disappears.

BocaDavie Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Katniss is being interviewed by Caesar on stage before the games, her hair is securely up kept in the back. As she is twirling to show off the flames, you notice her hair has come undone a bit and is drooping in the back. By the end of her twirling, her hair has returned to its previous secure up-do. By the end of the interview, her hair is sagging once again in the back. Then, returning backstage with Haymitch and Effie, her hair has returned to being secure and neat. (00:56:20)


Cinna: I'm not allowed to bet, but if I could, I'd bet on you.
Katniss Everdeen: Thank you.

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Trivia: Isabelle Fuhrman, who plays Clove, originally auditioned for the role of Katniss, but was told she was too young for the part. When she was later called back for the role of Clove and succeeded, they had to make Clove incredibly skilled with knives to make her seem just as intimidating as Cato, Glimmer and Marvel.


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Question: This is more for the book than the movie, but how was Rue able to enter the arena with a "homemade" sling shot if no weapons could be taken in there?

Jessica Wren

Chosen answer: The tributes could not take anything in with them, but the arena is filled with different types of weapons and tools, if they can get them. Rue was clever and agile, and she could have found or stolen the slingshot or the tools with which to make one. Also, anyone, for a price, can send "gifts" into the arena to sponsor a favorite tribute.

raywest Premium member

Answer: In the book Rue never received any gifts she only grabbed a few things from the cornucopia so the slingshot must have been one of them.

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