Man on a Ledge

Man on a Ledge (2012)

Ending / spoiler

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Detective Marcus turns out to be a dirty cop, working for Englander. Joey and Angie get the diamond and pass it along to the hotel bellhop, who turns out to be in on the scheme. Marcus arrests Joey and Angie and brings them to the roof where Nick is (he finally got off the ledge) and Englander is there as well. Nick has the diamond because the bellhop gave it to him and he reluctantly hands it over to Englander. As Englander escapes, Mike (who was NOT a dirty cop) shoots Marcus, but Marcus kills Mike. Lydia arrives on the scene and kills Marcus. Nick sees Englander getting away and jumps off the roof, landing on the airbag the police set up. Just as Nick is arrested, he removes the diamond out of Englander's pocket and shows it to the news cameras, proving his innocence once and for all. Englander is arrested and Nick is released. Nick and Lydia go to a bar to celebrate. Joey proposes to Angie and she says yes. The bellhop turns out to be Nick and Joey's father who faked his death so Nick could get out of prison for the funeral, thus giving him a chance to escape.


Continuity mistake: When Joey is on one knee removing the panel outside the vault room his underwear can be seen showing above his jeans, and it appears to be black. However, shortly afterwards when he is urgently packing away his equipment, his underwear is light green with a white waist. When he drops back down from the air vent his underwear once again shows as being black.


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Nick Cassidy: Today is the day when everything changes. One way or another.

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