Underworld: Awakening

Trivia: Kate Beckinsale's stunt double Alicia Vela-Bailey makes a cameo during the opening sequence as a vampire escaping the purge. (00:03:40)


Trivia: Michael's brief appearance in the beginning of the film was actually cleverly repurposed stock footage of actor Scott Speedman from the previous films digitally added into the scene, mixed with footage of a body-double in his "hybrid" makeup. His brief appearance in the end (where we see him frozen) is a mannequin that was made up to resemble Speedman.

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Trivia: Kate Beckinsale's mother makes a cameo as a vampire in David's covenant. (00:33:20)


Factual error: Detective Sebastian fires a total of 7 rounds at the Antigen van in the parking garage - three at the driver, two at the front-left tire, one right before the van nearly runs him over and then one after it passes him - without reloading, yet the Taurus Judge revolver he is using is designed to only hold 5 rounds in its cylinder. Later, after Sebastian has reloaded the revolver, he fires 8 rounds at Dr. Lane, again without reloading.

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Selene: For 12 years, I was held captive by the humans. The world I once knew has changed. Vampires and Lycans are now the hunted.

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