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Corrected entry: Any time any of the characters try to put on a horse collar on they try to put it on upside down.

Correction: Shoulder collars are supposed to be put on upside down (widest part top) and turned at the ears - every single character harnesses the horse correctly.


Corrected entry: The bagpiper in the Battle of the Somme used a plastic bagpipe chanter that had not been invented yet.

Correction: Whether the chanter is actually plastic or not, it is indistinguishable in appearance to a black wood chanter, and is therefore in itself an acceptable prop. More pertinent as a mistake is that it has a modern profile. The chanter lacks a "sole" - a round disk at the end of the chanter - a part expected of a World War I era bagpipe. As a side note: While it is plausible, it is nevertheless somewhat unlikely that a West Country English regiment would be piped over the top by a Highland piper.

Factual error: Major Stewart addresses the Indian NCO as "Sergeant Major" and he is so described in the credits. There was no such rank in the British Indian Army. Indian cavalry sergeants were known as Daffadars. More senior Indian cavalry officers held VCO ranks (Jemadar, Risaldar and Risaldar Major) which had no British equivalent. Given the importance of rank and protocol, it is highly unlikely that a British commissioned officer would be unaware of this.

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Maj. Jamie Stewart: Be brave! Be brave!

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