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Corrected entry: In the scene at the apartment where Vika, Anne, and Natalie are scavenging supplies, an alien sees them from outside of the building through a window. According to the shopping center/mall scene the aliens cannot see a person through glass, therefore the alien shouldn't have been able to spot them through the window.

Correction: The window is open so the alien would be able to see them.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the 5 survivors come across the downed Airliner inside the hotel, there is not a single burn mark from a fire or explosion and seems as though the plane was just laid there for effect. Any airliner even one nearly out of gas that crashed out of the sky into a building would have burst into flames and exploded.

Correction: The main reason planes explode or burn when they crash is that you get electrical sparks (planes are filled with wires) combined with highly flammable fuel. In the movie the aliens "steal" all electricity, which is the reason the plane crashes. With no electricity in the plane it would just smash into the ground (sparks from metal against concrete _could_ ignite the fuel, but that depends on how the plane crashed into the building, so it's possible).


Plot hole: Towards the end of the movie, the characters use cell phones to determine whether or not the enemy is coming. However, throughout the whole movie, one of the girls has her cell phone, which never goes off even when the enemy is close.

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Suggested correction: When she is on the submarine, the engineer hands it to her and tells her he replaced the broken parts and it works now. That is why it didn't trigger for the aliens.

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Ben: Wait, let me put down the only effective weapon to attend to a lady in distress.

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