New Year's Eve

Claire Morgan (Hillary Swank) in the movie, is the woman who runs the ball in Times Square. She cares very much about the ball when it stops working because she used to always watch the ball drop with her father Stan Harris (Robert DeNiro), who is now in the hospital and is looked after by Nurse Amy (Halle Berry). In the end, he survives though until right after midnight.

There is also Haley (Abigail Breslin) who wants to go with her friends and her history-class-crush, Seth (Jake T. Austin), to Times Square for New Year's Eve, but her mother, Kim (Sarah Jessica Parker), doesn't think that Haley should, so Haley sneaks out anyway and Kim goes on a search for her. Haley leaves only to find that Lily Bowman (Katherine McNamara) is kissing Seth. Things go happy in the end though of course.

There is also Tess and Griffin who's having a baby at the same hospital as Stan. The couple whose baby is born in the hospital closest to the new year wins $25,000. Tess (Jessica Biel) and Griffin (Seth Meyers) compete with another couple for the money, but when Griffin realises that they already have two children to take care of, they lie about their time and let the other couple have the money to provide for their three children, while Tess and Griffin only have one.

Sam Ahern (Josh Duhamel) needs a ride to his Mother's Ahern Party to deliver a speech after his car crashes due to a very poor GPS system. He gets a ride with the Pastor's family in his RV. He tells them about a time, a year ago exactly, when he met a woman on New Year's after escaping the Ahern Party for some pizza. He went to the bathroom and when he came back, she was gone. She left a note that said that if he was still thinking about her in a year, to meet her back at the same place they met last year (La Gambina). In the end, you will see that the woman is really Haley's mom, Kim.

And don't forget about Paul (Zac Efron) and Ingrid's (Michelle Pfeiffer) story! Ingrid used to work at Ahern Records. Paul delivers mail. He delivered hers when he saw her open the Ahern Tickets. He was telling her how awesome they are and he saw her resolution list. Ingrid finally pops when she finds out that she's only getting a one week vacation instead of two and she doesn't get enough to take a big trip like she's planned. She quit her job which is first on her list, she left the rest up to Paul in return for her Ahern tickets. They go on a crazy adventure and he helps her complete her last resolution (midnight kiss on New Year's Eve) at midnight during Auld Lang Syne.

Another great story in the movie is the elevator story. Randy (Ashton Kutcher) is a guy in the apartment who hates New Year's. He tears down all the illegal decorations put up in the apartment halls and goes into the elevator with Elise (Lea Michelle). The phone doesn't work and neither does the super when the elevator gets stuck. Elise gets an idea for Randy to lift her up to the ceiling hatch, so she can climb through. While he's lifting her up, he sees Elise's backstage pass and assumes that she's a groupie, but she later tells him that she's a backup singer for Jensen. They talk and find out that Randy is an illustrator and he draws a picture of her stuck in the elevator while Elise sings Have A Little Faith In Me with Jensen (Jon Bon Jovi). Jensen performs in Times Square, but requests for Laura (Katherine Heigl) to be the chef for the party. Laura and Jensen have a history. He proposed to her, but then left her. They meet up again and he says that he's finally ready to commit, but she isn't. She's too busy with her work. She works alongside Ava (Sophia Vergara).

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the mother and boss of the company is giving a speech, in one shot the puppy she is holding is resting on her shoulder; in the next shot it is lying in her arms, and then finally in the next shot it is back to resting on her shoulder.

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Stan Harris: Nothing beats New York on New Years Eve.

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