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Hugo (2011) is about a young boy who's trying to make an automaton work and return it to its original owner while staying away from a French Train Inspector in this imaginative adventure drama. Shot in 3-D amid lavish settings, the film transports you to the 1930s and explores topics like WWI, early film-making, and more. Despite its lack of success in the box office, it is an awesome film that's ultimately about FILM. Asa Butterfield and Chloë Grace Moretz star as Hugo and Isabelle, while the rest of the cast includes Jude Law, Sacha Baron Cohen and Ben Kingsley. Consider immersing yourself into a different kind of movie storytelling.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where Hugo is on the station and sees a key down on the tracks. There are two separate shots of the key and both times it is buried in the stones next to a sleeper. Then Hugo jumps down onto the tracks to pick it up and its now sat on the middle of the sleeper when he picks it up. (01:22:30 - 01:23:10)

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Trivia: Director Martin Scorsese cameos as Méliès' photographer when he opens his studio.

Sacha Premium member

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Question: What song is playing in the background when the Station Inspector is flirting with the Flower Girl and asks her about her flowers?

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