Arthur Christmas
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Steve: This is Germany, Father. They drive on the right. National dish: sausage.

Grandsanta: You were right, Arthur! It doesn't matter how Santa's gift gets there! It doesn't matter if it is Mr Postman in his Spaceship.
Arthur: Just as long as it gets there.
Grandsanta: You made it happen, Lad! No-one got left out.

Arthur: There is a Child without a present.
Steve: Arthur! Christmas is not a time for emotion.

Grandsanta: The Santas always come through Canada. Nobody lives here. It's nice and quiet.

Steve: Okay, lets show them people, 'Operation Santa Claus is coming to town!'.

Character mistake: When they deliver Xmas presents to Denmark it's already too late - Denmark has the presents on the 24th, early in the evening.

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