Arthur Christmas

Other mistake: Grand-Santa has made 70 missions, and Santa (Malcolm) has just completed his 70th mission, totaling 140 years. Yet Grand-Santa is only 136 years old.

Liang Jun Tseng

Character mistake: When they deliver Xmas presents to Denmark it's already too late - Denmark has the presents on the 24th, early in the evening.

Continuity mistake: Arthur's older brother gets "bombed" by a seagull. In the very next scene, there is nothing on his jacket, but the offending "message" appears again a little later on.

Continuity mistake: Arthur runs after Steve with the Santa game piece and bursts through the swinging doors which close behind him. Yet, the doors are open again when they are talking and Steve tells him to shut the doors.

MovieFan612 Premium member

Steve: Okay, lets show them people, 'Operation Santa Claus is coming to town!'.

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