Tower Heist

Trivia: When Odessa runs down the FBI agent with her cart she shouts, "bumbaclot!", a vulgar insult in Jamaican English, but means nothing in the United States. (01:09:20)

Factual error: As an attorney, I know that one doesn't become an attorney three days after passing the Bar Exam in NY, as Miss Lovenko claims at the end of the movie. She first would have to be approved before the Character Committee, submit Letters of Recommendation of Good Character, and her background would have to be checked. If approved, she would have to wait be sworn in by an Appellate Division Judge, which is about a 6 month process, not 3 days. (01:35:25)


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Mr. Fitzhugh: Mr Fitzhugh - If you need me, I'll be living in this box.

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