Tower Heist

Tower Heist (2011)


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Rick Malloy: What are you doing?
Josh Kovacs: I'm sacrificing my Queen.

Slide: A robbery can change very quickly. You have to be ready to adapt to the situation at any moment. Anything can happen. I was on a job a few days ago and my homie got shot in the face.
Josh Kovacs: If you get shot in the face, it's over.
Slide: If you get shot in your head, it's over. If you get shot in your face, the bullet will go through your cheek and come out the other side! Then, what you gonna do?
Cole Howard: Die! We're all gonna die.

Josh Kovacs: He's been arrested a bunch of times. He pays no income taxes. He's got 2 Doberman Pinschers. So let's show him some respect, OK?

Odessa Montero: You shoulda taken the cake man.

Rick Malloy: We're gonna go to jail! We're gonna die! Probably both.
Josh Kovacs: Yes! Yes! Yes! Join me.

Josh Kovacs: The average apartment in the Tower costs 5.6 million dollars. We have the best views, the most advanced security systems, but you know what these people are really buying?
Rick Malloy: White neighbors?

Mr. Fitzhugh: Mr Fitzhugh - If you need me, I'll be living in this box.

Slide: I will blow your face clean OFF your face.

Character mistake: Alan Alda says that his personal security code is the street address that he lived on at Steinway Boulevard when he was a kid growing up in Astoria, NY. The name of the street in Astoria is Steinway Street. (00:19:50)

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