Johnny English Reborn

Trivia: Rowan Atkinson explained on Top Gear that the 9 litre V16 in the Rolls Royce was developed by BMW (who own Rolls Royce) but never put into production. The prototypes that had been made were still in a warehouse somewhere, and put into the car for this movie.


Continuity mistake: When the car is cutting the hole through the garage you can see that it is cutting a straight line across with the laser. But when it comes out you can see that it is slightly curved.

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Quartermain: Here she is.
Johnny English: Ahh, the Rolls Royce Phantom. Truly the Rolls Royce of automobiles.
Quatermain: Armor plating, all the bells and whistles. Say "bonnet."
Johnny English: Bonnet.
Car: Command accepted. [Bonnet opens.]
Quartermain: Voice activation recognizes only you. Rolls has fitted one of their experimental engines. 9 litre V16. Goes like the wind, only quieter.


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Answer: He's never seen again after Johnny takes his wheelchair. The church they were in was covered with MI7 agents, so it is plausible that one of them found him whilst the others were chasing Johnny.

Casual Person

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