Johnny English Reborn

Question: When Agent Tucker tells the air operator that their helicopter altitude is "about 18 Inches", why did she hang up on him? Is it suppose to mean anything sexual? I found this in the "sex and nudity" category on parents guide and I just wonder.

Answer: I don't think it was intended as something sexual. Tucker tells the operator that their altitude is about 18 inches because they were 18 inches over the ground. The operator hung up because they were piloting the helicopter ridiculously close to the ground. She likely thought that they were joking around with her, or weren't taking the situation that seriously, so she just gave up on them.

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Answer: The two agents are not named (their names are listed as "Agent Two" and "Agent One" in the end credits), but it is strongly implied that they work for MI7, as one of them says "Five years ago, he was our top agent", referring to Johnny English, who works for MI7. Their faces are hidden, but the important information is told to us; that they work for MI7.

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Answer: The Prime Minister was set to have important talks with Xiang Ping, the Chinese Premier. It is stated in the MI7 briefing scene, by the Prime Minister, that Southeast Asia have begun developing nuclear weapons and they need to convince Xiang Ping to get onside and to try and defuse the situation and improve the relations between the two countries. It is revealed in the scene where Ambrose retrieves the drug from the bank vault, that a man was paying Ambrose 500 million US dollars to assassinate Xiang Ping, presumably to make sure the talks will damage the relations between Britain and China.

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Answer: He's never seen again after Johnny takes his wheelchair. The church they were in was covered with MI7 agents, so it is plausible that one of them found him whilst the others were chasing Johnny.

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Question: Why did Fisher tell Johnny about Vortex's secret weapon and the plan to kill the Chinese Premiere? Didn't he at all think he'd be in trouble with the rest of Vortex and his paymasters? Didn't he also think that MI7 would try to stop the plan?


Answer: Fisher was against the idea of killing the Chinese Premier. He was aware of the risk that were would be consequences regarding the other members of Vortex, and told MI7 so they would know about Vortex and try to stop it.

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Continuity mistake: When Johnny and Kate are having dinner in her apartment and Ambrose knocks on the door, Kate puts all the dinner away leaving a few candles on the table. The table is still like this when Kate and Ambrose leave the apartment, but when Johnny notices that the killer cleaner is in the apartment, the table is set up again.

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