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Corrected entry: When Johnny helps old cleaner assassin into the lift and looks at the bullet you can see his sidekick talking to someone in the background.

Correction: The person he is talking to lives there.


Corrected entry: When the Chinese assassin throws kitchen knives at Johnny and he uses a chopping board to block them, the chopping board with the knives stuck to it completely disappears without us ever seeing or hearing Johnny put it down.


Correction: You see his hand go down, and if you listen carefully you can actually hear it as well.

Corrected entry: When the medics are resuscitating Johnny English, they put a non re-breather mask on him but they don't inflate the bag which makes the mask totally useless. They also begin chest compressions while Johnny still has, according to the monitor, a heart rate of approx 40 bpm, and is in normal sinus rhythm so doesn't need compressions.

Correction: Current First Aid guidelines tell you to start chest compressions if the casualty is not breathing (compressions first, then breaths), regardless of the pulse rate, in fact you don't even check the pulse.

Corrected entry: When Johnny is distracted in Mozambique and is shown that the electrical power has been switched off, the lever is pushed down in the "off" position. But between shots the lever is suddenly pulled up into the "on" position without Johnny ever touching it.


Correction: When Johnny opens the compartment, we see that the lever is in the OFF position. There is then a gap when the camera is on the girl for a few seconds. He could have easily moved the lever in this time. He has also moved slightly, showing he has moved the lever already. (The reason why they didn't simply show him moving the lever can be seen in the gag reel section, where he tries a number of times to do this, but keeps missing).


Continuity mistake: Karlenko was shot and put into the back seat of the helicopter, lying down. However, when the helicopter takes off you can see the back seat and he has mysteriously disappeared.

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Question: Why did Fisher tell Johnny about Vortex's secret weapon and the plan to kill the Chinese Premiere? Didn't he at all think he'd be in trouble with the rest of Vortex and his paymasters? Didn't he also think that MI7 would try to stop the plan?


Answer: Fisher was against the idea of killing the Chinese Premier. He was aware of the risk that were would be consequences regarding the other members of Vortex, and told MI7 so they would know about Vortex and try to stop it.

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