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Continuity mistake: When Johnny and Kate are having dinner in her apartment and Ambrose knocks on the door, Kate puts all the dinner away leaving a few candles on the table. The table is still like this when Kate and Ambrose leave the apartment, but when Johnny notices that the killer cleaner is in the apartment, the table is set up again.

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Continuity mistake: Karlenko was shot and put into the back seat of the helicopter, lying down. However, when the helicopter takes off you can see the back seat and he has mysteriously disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When the car is cutting the hole through the garage you can see that it is cutting a straight line across with the laser. But when it comes out you can see that it is slightly curved.

Continuity mistake: In the casino Johnny is sitting on the playing table and his chips are in front of him on the table. The man on his left gets a poisoned dart in his neck and his head falls on the table. When Johnny stands up to check the body the chips are gone and the table is empty.

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Continuity mistake: In the kitchen scene towards the end of the movie, Johnny English places a leek on the chopping board and cuts it length wise. In the very next shot there are now two leeks on the board.

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Continuity mistake: After Johnny gets drugged he is made to hit Pegasus and he pulls back his arm instantly after he hits her and then again when he says "I warned you."

Audio problem: When Johnny and Tucker are in the helicopter going to the hospital, when Johnny says 'It's just like riding a bike', the line doesn't quite match up with his mouth.

Continuity mistake: As Johnny begins to take off his parachute vest, the parachute is still fully in the air, a frame later as he is finishing taking off his parachute vest, the parachute is totally still and on the ground. (01:29:10)

Audio problem: When English and Tucker arrive at The Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau, English thanks the driver. But his lips don't match what he says.


Continuity mistake: Revolving Doors - When Johnny has just gotten out of the taxi and enters MI7 for the first time, the revolving doors he enters through are turning clockwise. However, in the next shot the doors are turning anticlockwise.

Factual error: In the helicopter scene, the assassin is using a Gatling-type weapon with a set of rotating barrels. However, the fire is coming out of the central spot where the axis should be. That's not how Gatling guns work. (00:42:25)

Continuity mistake: When Johnny English is in the kitchen, he chops up celery and closes a drawer with his hip. In the next shot, the position of the right hand chopping board has changed and there is now a knife between the two boards.

Continuity mistake: When Johnny English is in the restaurant with Agent 1, he drinks his glass of wine and Agent 1 asks for another bottle. In the next shot, there is a small amount of wine in the bottom of the glass, but when Johnny raises his glass to Agent 1, the glass is about a third full.

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Answer: He's never seen again after Johnny takes his wheelchair. The church they were in was covered with MI7 agents, so it is plausible that one of them found him whilst the others were chasing Johnny.

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