The Thing

Corrected entry: In a deleted scene, when they burn Karl, it is obvious that the stuntman is wearing a fake "Karl" mask.

Correction: Which is one of the reasons they deleted the scene. It's like saying one of the actors flubbed their lines in an unused take.

Corrected entry: If the creature can't imitate inanimate material, how does it replicate the person's clothing perfectly?

Correction: It doesn't. In every case, it rips through the person's clothes, leaving them covered in blood. It tries to hide the clothing in various ways, but several times we see the blood-soaked clothes. It simply puts on new clothes.

Corrected entry: I can just barely understand the logic behind an Antarctic research station having a small number of handguns and at least one assault rifle. But flamethrowers and grenades? No reason, other than to drive the plot.

Correction: Should there be a loss of power, flamethrowers and thermite grenades would be useful for melting ice and starting fires for warmth. And it actually makes a lot of sense to have weapons in 1982, it was still the Cold War and the Soviets had a large presence there.

Grumpy Scot

Factual error: Winter in Antarctica would not have a night and day as portrayed, with the amount of light changing so much during the course of 24 hours.

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Adam Finch: In the three years that I have known him, this is the most excited I have ever seen him.

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Trivia: Much of the ending was reshot, including a scene where the alien pilots within the spaceship were witnessed by Kate Lloyd dangling from some sort of tubes; the body of one was replaced post-production by an odd Tetris-like display.

Erik M.

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Question: In the last part of the movie, how are they supposed to drive the snow vehicles? There is a scene before where they cut the wires of all the vehicles to disable them for the quarantine. Am I missing something?

Michele SoIntense Anghileri

Chosen answer: By disabling the snow vehicles, they are making sure that the creature can't use them to escape from the quarantine zone. Since the creature can assimilate anybody, it would probably know how to use one.

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