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-80/10.What a load of b.s. this was.Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard keep showing they lack any sort of talent when headlining a movie, better as co-stars.A shame on Ms Sissy Spacek for doing this trash.Why she did, I'll never know.Ha, ha, what a great gag, one maid puts her waste in the pie her ex employer is eating.That's disgusting and immoral, doesn't help the cause of civil rights.This whole thing was a pointless waste, made only to make money.Yes change needed to happen and it's good that did.But this is just another hack movie trying to stir up old wounds, without this sort of junk how else would some people like Jackson and Sharpton make their livings?We'd all be better off without trash like this being made.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Skeeter is on the phone with the lady who is interested in the book, she has an ashtray with a lit cigarette in it. In the next shot it is gone and the cigarette is in her hand, the next time it shows her the ashtray is back in its original position.

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Aibileen Clark: All you do is scam and lie to get what you want. You a godless woman. Ain't you tired, Ms. Hilly? Ain't you tired?

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Trivia: Kathryn Stockett's (the author)book which this film The Help is based on was rejected 60 times before it was eventually published.

Tricia Webster Premium member

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