Nine to Five

Nine to Five (1980)


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Violet Newstead: What are you, a man or a mouse? I mean, a woman or a wouse?

Doralee Rhodes: That's just great! We just waltz into the hospital and say, "We're sorry, we made a mistake." Well, maybe they'll give us Hart's body in exchange.
Violet Newstead: There is no need to get sarcastic.

Violet Newstead: One thing you should know about dear old Roz... She's the eyes, ears, nose, and throat of Mr. Hart. Anything she hears, he hears.
Judy Bernly: You mean she's a... a company spy?
Violet Newstead: I wouldn't exactly say that, I'd just say that if you want to gossip in the ladies' room, I'd check under the stalls, first, for her shoes.

Doralee Rhodes: You know... I just don't get it, Dwayne.
Dwayne Rhodes: What's that, honey?
Doralee Rhodes: I'm as nice as I know how to be to every single person in that office. Everyone treats me like a... bastard at a family reunion.

Continuity mistake: After being stopped by the policeman for defective tail-lights (one burned out and the other flashing) the 3 women take off for the hospital and both tail-lights are working correctly. (01:05:25 - 01:07:20)


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Question: If Violet knew that Roz was eavesdropping on some of the employees in the restroom, shouldn't she just confront her about it or let everyone aware that Roz was eavesdropping them and blab it on Hart?


Answer: She does let people know, at least she warned Judy. But Roz is cagey (remember how she pulled her feet up so it looked like her stall was empty). As for confronting her, Roz was her supervisor and the boss' pet. If she told Hart that Violet was harassing her, it would go poorly for Violet.

Brian Katcher

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