Final Destination 5

Corrected entry: During Isaac's death in the massage parlor, after his phone rings during the acupuncture scene the elderly woman takes his phone and puts it on the edge of the shelf near a candle, however in the next shot the phone is not on the edge of the shelf but further into the shelf and right next to the candle.


Correction: It's not the next shot. And the reason it moves towards the candle is because it's on vibrate which makes it move.


Corrected entry: Sam's ticket said it was 2000, but Alex's ticket in the first film didn't mention the year. The movie took place in 1999.


Correction: The first movie took place in 2000. Isabella Hudson's files from the second film show it's 2001, and the sequel is supposed to place exactly a year after the Flight 180 disaster.

Corrected entry: In the vision that Sam has, Candice is the first to die as she gets impaled on the sail of the boat below the bridge, however when the bridge actually collapses and they escape we see the bridge fall into the water, but there is no boat. (00:13:30)

Correction: There is more than enough time for the boat to move away from the bridge after it is first seen.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the bridge collapses. Sam's premonition sees the coach to fall face down into the water. However when he awakes and escapes from the coach it then falls back first into the water.

Correction: The bridge takes about three minutes to collapse in the vision, yet when it's actually happening, it takes less than one minute. Reality changes as soon as someone who has seen a vision does something about it. Things always happen a little differently afterwards, as has been the case with every Final Destination so far.


Corrected entry: When Olivia falls out of the window and her eye rolls out there are no burn marks from the laser or blood as we saw earlier.


Correction: Since she fell from such a big height, the eye rolling out on the road could just easily be her left eye.

Continuity mistake: In the premonition right near the end, you see the truck hanging over the bridge and that is how the poles and that sheet of metal kill two of the main characters. Yet when they run to the end of the bridge, the truck is not hanging over the edge.

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Olivia Castle: This just got way more fun.

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Trivia: In the scene after Candice dies the guys are at the office having a drink. Watch carefully - when Olivia is leaving she knocks a photo on the floor; this is a photo of her and a friend. Look at the bottom right of that picture and you will see the logo of the roller coaster From Final Destination 3.

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Question: Bludworth states that he's, "Seen this before" referring to Death's Design. If the bridge incident takes place before Flight 180, and is the first, then how would he have seen it before? And why is the bridge incident not mentioned in the first film if it took place only two weeks earlier?

Answer: To answer your first question, Bludworth does in fact mention he has "seen this before", but this means he could have seen these events before the film series ever took place. It is possible that this is where he had learned a lot about death's design. This could even hint at another sequel/prequel. To answer your second question, none of the survivors had been alive to tell the tale of what happened to the survivors of the bridge collapse. In the first few movies, it is noted that the protagonist freaks out, thus, startling MANY people. In the 5th film, Sam is only seen freaking out inside the bus. Even if the FBI have the information, they could have finished the investigation completely, due to Sam, Molly, and Nathan surviving (Until the end of the movie, that is).


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