Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Factual error: The car tags are the same color even after many years Caesar is born. Three years after and then five years, the car tags are still yellow.

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Suggested correction: Car tags use a very small number of colors for their stickers. Blue, green, red, orange, yellow are the primarily used colors for registration tags in California, and after some years they start to get used again. Of course the tag colors change year to year, but it is completely plausible that the same color could be used again in the 8 year span that you mention.


Continuity mistake: When Will tosses the envelope with money on the table, it moves away/closer to the stack of papers, depending on the angle.

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Dodge Landon: Get your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!

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Question: I'm no expert on apes so can someone tell me if the conversation in sign language that Caesar has with the orangutan is possible? We know that apes can be taught to sign and hereby communicate basic concepts and identify objects. But the orangutan, which has not had the benefit at this point in the film of the mind altering drug, communicates that humans do not like smart apes and, by extension, it has kept its ability to sign secret. This is complex behaviour that requires the ape to understand human motivations and decide to deceive its captors. Is this possible?

Answer: It's not necessarily a sign that the orangutan understands human motivations. It could be, and probably more likely *is*, a sign that the ape has shown its intelligence previously during its stay in the habitat, was abused by the humans as a direct or indirect result, and was subsequently conditioned to play dumb.

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