Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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I own this movie on DvD.

A great start to a fantastic trilogy. Rise marks the start of how the world fell to ruin and the rise of the civilization of apes that would eventually supplant the humans on Earth.
This takes it to a much more intimate level of story telling following one ape, Ceaser, in his journey from birth in a lab, to leading the main colony of apes.
Andy Serkis' motion capture performance for Ceaser is amazing, and continues to get better through the trilogy even.

The film even tries to tie itself into the old series, and very well done. It could easily be a cannon prequel to the original, while also being it's own thing and story.
A grade A film that I highly recommend, I just can't really say much else without spoilers.

Mistake Status: None yet, will likely try to find some at some point in the future.

Quantom X Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Will tosses the envelope with money on the table, it moves away/closer to the stack of papers, depending on the angle.

Sacha Premium member

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Steven Jacobs: You used an untested drug on your father. I could end your career with one phone call.
Will Rodman: Let me save you the trouble. I quit.

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Trivia: Don't leave when the credits roll. There is a scary snippet you don't want to miss.

Tricia Webster Premium member

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Question: I'm no expert on apes so can someone tell me if the conversation in sign language that Caesar has with the orangutan is possible? We know that apes can be taught to sign and hereby communicate basic concepts and identify objects. But the orangutan, which has not had the benefit at this point in the film of the mind altering drug, communicates that humans do not like smart apes and, by extension, it has kept its ability to sign secret. This is complex behaviour that requires the ape to understand human motivations and decide to deceive its captors. Is this possible?

Answer: It's not necessarily a sign that the orangutan understands human motivations. It could be, and probably more likely *is*, a sign that the ape has shown its intelligence previously during its stay in the habitat, was abused by the humans as a direct or indirect result, and was subsequently conditioned to play dumb.

Phixius Premium member

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