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Corrected entry: Caesar the Chimpanzee spoke human words. However Great Apes' vocal chords make them unsuitable for speech as they are higher in their throats. Since the virus only affects the brain and doesn't physically change the location of the apes' vocal chords, it's impossible for Caesar to speak, no matter how smart he is.


Correction: Caesar spoke after he was exposed to the updated ALZ-113 drug. It is shown that this drug causes a physical side effect in humans when we see the exposed doctor sneezes blood, though no specifics were stated. Since this drug causes physical changes in humans, it is not unlikely that it could also cause a physical change in apes as well, allowing Caesar and other exposed apes to speak.


The exposed doctor has disease symptoms. That's not the same as changing the location of the vocal chords.


Corrected entry: When Caesar and the rest of chimps cross the golden gate bridge, you can see him still wearing his red sweater (when it was already ripped off at the chimps jail). You can see that twice when the camera is recording from up above the bridge.

Correction: Caesar is not wearing his red jacket when crossing the bridge whatsoever. What you saw was Maurice the circus Orangutan, whose fur is reddish-orange, running near Caesar. You can also see multiple other reddish-orange Orangutans running alongside the top of the scene.

Corrected entry: When the apes break out of the Animal Control Center (with the glass dome), when the apes are looking at the city, a car passes. It's driving on the left, even though the movie is set in America.

Correction: The car is not driving on the left-hand side. It goes around a U-shaped curve, but stays in the right forward-moving lane the entire time, as cars normally do in America.

Corrected entry: When Caesar liberates the monkeys/apes from the zoo, they seem to have become just as intelligent as the apes who inhaled the "medicine", but they didn't and should be acting as normal animals. Instead, they take the metal bars and become fierce warriors.


Correction: Those are apes from the habitat and the lab that take up the spears. The apes from the zoo are just following the alpha along where he goes. They're participating but not coordinating to the same degree as the others. That said, they are exhibiting higher than normal levels of reasoning, but that's only because they're following the example of the other apes without really understanding what they're doing or why.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where it is revealed that Caesar is a very good chess player,the board is set up incorrectly.The white square is next to his left hand side instead of his right one.This is one of the first things that you learn when you are playing chess.The white square goes to the right.


Correction: If chess were only taught via textbook, you would be right. But Caesar was taught by Rodman. And we don't know how Rodman was schooled in playing chess. Perhaps he was never instructed in the "proper" way to set up the board. That doesn't make it a mistake, just realistic.

JC Fernandez

Correction: I've watched the film three times and the birthmark stays on his right upper chest throughout the film. There is one scene where Caesar is looking at himself in the mirror; when they show a close-up it is the image in the mirror, making it look like the birthmark has moved to the left side.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: One of the female apes in the ape sanctuary who was taken to the lab was named Cornelia. This probably would become Caesar's future mate and probably produce the scientist ape called Cornelius in Heston's "Planet of the Apes."


Correction: The original film takes place in the in the year 3978. Not possible that a mating of Cornelia and Caesar in the present day would produce Cornelius, who lives in the distant future. Also - this is speculation, not trivia. Considering how many references they make to the original film it is most likely that "Cornelia" is mash-up of the names "Cornelius" and "Zira"; the two scientist apes from the original.

BocaDavie Premium member

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Continuity mistake: In the scene on the Golden Gate Bridge when the apes are pushing the bus, the police shoot the bus numerous times, but when the camera goes off the bus and then shows the bus again (twice) the bullet holes are not there anymore.


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Maurice: Hurt bad?
Caesar: You know signs?
Maurice: Circus orangutan. Careful humans don't like smart ape.

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Question: Why didn't the ape-keeper, Rodney, simply shoot Caesar? He was in the sniping platform, he was aiming the tranquilizer rifle, he had a clear shot, but he just lowered his rifle and fled when Caesar yelled "No!" for the first time. If Rodney had pulled the trigger, the ape rebellion would have been nipped in the bud.

Charles Austin Miller

Chosen answer: Rodney was against the cruelty that fellow ape-keeper Dodge displays toward the apes and was likely hesitant to shoot Caeser at first. When Caesar yelled "No!", Rodney lowered his rifle from shock. Caesar then starts running around chanting "No!", and because he's running around Rodney no longer has a clear shot, and then he panics and flees having just seen an ape speak.


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