Cara Harding discovers her patient, David/Adam/ Wesley was a turn of the century hypocritical preacher who was cursed to be a carrier to those who had no faith. All those multiple personalities are in fact the souls he has collected of those who were faithless, including those of David, Adam Sabre and Wesley Crite. Having claimed her doctor father, he now sets his sights on her daughter Sammy as she no longer believes in anything following her father's death. Along with Virgil Cara goes to the mountain people in need of salvation for Sam, but they cannot help her. David shows up and Virgil dies in the process of stopping him taking Sam's life and soul. On seeing him do this Cara manages to impale him through his throat on a upturned branch and as he dies, Sam returns to life but it's soon revealed that Sam has become the next soul collector to the faithless.


Cara Harding: Just because you're older, doesn't mean you're right. It could just mean that you've been wrong for longer.

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