April Fool's Day
Movie Quote Quiz

Chaz: Hey guy, your fly is open and your Hostess Twinkie is hanging out.

Clara: Have a nice party.
Muffy: Nice? It's gotta be better than nice. It's gotta be bloody unforgettable.

Harvey: Y'know what I find amazin'? Muffy's her real name. I mean, my name's Harvey but they call me Hal, so I figure Muffy must stand for something... Muffin?
Nikki: Muff-child, Moffo, the Muffster, Muffin' stuff.
Harvey: Muff dive.

Kit: Oh, ha ha. HA HA HA HA! That's really funny, you guys. Really funny! Fuck you.

Harvey: I know you think I'm a hick, but I'd like to change your mind about that if you'd give me a chance.
Nikki: Why?
Harvey: Because I would really like to plow your field.

Kit: Muffy hasn't been in an institution for three years, she's been at Vassar.

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