April Fool's Day

Buffy goes after Kit, who runs into the dining room and tries to reason with her. Buffy terrorizes Kit with her knife. Kit pushes Buffy back when she tries to stab her and runs into the adjacent living room, where she sees all of her "dead" friends to be alive and well, casually reading magazines, a newspaper, creating a house of cards and chatting. Buffy walks in and pushes the fake blade of the knife into her hand. It finally occurrs to Kit that the entire scenario of her friends being killed off and Buffy being Muffy's demented twin was a prank. Everyone looks up at Kit and yells "April Fool's!". The final surprise is when later that night, Muffy enters her room and finds a Jack-in-the-box. Muffy hesitantly turns the handle to open it. As soon as Jack pops out, Nan appears behind Muffy and slices her throat. Nan smiles as she reveals to the horrified Muffy that the blade and blood are fake. Nan calls Muffy an April Fool and the Jack-in-the-box winks at the camera.

Justin Szczap

Clara: Have a nice party.
Muffy: Nice? It's gotta be better than nice. It's gotta be bloody unforgettable.

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