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Factual error: When Glen and Nancy are talking on the bridge, you can see huge palm trees in the background. Though this was filmed in California (hence visible palm trees at the cemetery), the fictional Springwood is supposed to be in Ohio - they show the location of Springwood on a map at the start of 'Freddy's Dead, the Final Nightmare', and there's no other conflicting in-universe location given within the series. So it's established as Ohio, but there are no palm trees in Ohio. Other California "hints" add to the mistake, such as CA license plates, etc. (00:01:00 - 00:43:22)

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Suggested correction: I hate to say this, and I'm only submitting this as a correction so it's up top, but I have a question for Jon Sandys the site owner: Is there any way this mistake can be locked off somehow from corrections for a while, even if just for a few days? It's clear this person is not going to stop trying to correct this mistake with flimsy logic. It's just getting laughable at this point. Just about every time I log on to see new updates, they're back arguing and trying to correct it again. (I submitted a word change to try and calm the issue, but I don't know if that will help).


This is now done - entries and comments can be locked from any replies and/or wording changes, with this being the inaugural entry! Fingers crossed that stops any similar trolls from wasting much of our/their time. I'll delete this thread in due course.

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Sucks that you had to go through so much trouble, but hopefully it'll resolve these issues quicker if it happens again. It was almost amusing at first when he was just being an obsessive fanboy, but when he refused to stop and then started in with the homophobia and trolling and whatnot, it went way too far.


I'm working on it! It's surprisingly tricky to nail down all the impacts of locking something, but this obsessive person has made it a priority. I might try a jury rigged solution ASAP because this person clearly won't stop and is circumventing other ways I've got of banning them.

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This is also why I don't think corrections should be allowed by unregistered users. At least when unregistered users submit mistakes, trivia, and questions, they're not posted immediately. Which is also why so many mistakes are posted as answers by unregistered users.


Factual error: The moment Nancy's digital watch hits zero, her bedside clock rings waking her up. You cannot set an old, mechanical style alarm clock to go off with anything like that level of accuracy. (00:32:00 - 00:33:18)

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Revealing mistake: When Nancy is running up the stairs in her house to escape Freddy for the first time her foot hits the steps and go through the steps into some goop. Look at the steps above that step and you can see the pre-cut holes where the next sets of goop will be. (00:39:10)

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Glen Lantz: Miss Nude America is going to be on tonight.
Mrs. Lantz: How can you hear what she's going to say?
Glen Lantz: Who cares what she says?

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Question: Why did Freddy's voice change? At the start of the film when he was chasing Tina, he said, "This is god," but throughout the rest of the film (and the series of the films) his voice went deeper. You have to kind of listen carefully throughout the film to know what I'm talking about.

Answer: The scene you are referring to is a dream sequence. In dreams everything is different and how they change throughout the movie is no mistake.


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