Strange Interlude
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Dr. Ned Darrell: Miss Arnold, as a Doctor, I feel it my duty, that Mrs. Evans isn't herself. She's morbidly jealous of you and subject to queer delusions. So, get back to your race and God bless you.

Charlie Marsden: You're the only genuinely modest person I know, Sam.
Sam Evans: Who me? I'm the boob of the family. Except when it comes to business. I'll make the money, all right.

Nina Leeds: Life. You see, life is just one long drawn-out lie - with a sniffing sigh at the end.

Nina Leeds: Fly up to heaven! Fly with your love, then. Fly always. Never crash to earth like my old Gordon. Be happy, dear! You've got to be happy.

Nina Leeds: I wonder if our old garden is the same? We'll pick flowers together, in the aging afternoons of Spring and Summer. I'm so contentedly weary of life.

Nina Leeds: Go ahead, dear. Row to victory! You can't lose.

Nina Leeds: Oh, Ned, are you saying you wanted to tell Gordon something?
Dr. Ned Darrell: No. There's - nothing to tell.

Dr. Ned Darrell: You've got to give up owning people. Meddling in their lives as if you were God and had created them.

Nina Leeds: We've saved a soul. Sam's soul. We brought him happiness. Surely that's not a lifetime lived in vain.

Dr. Ned Darrell: You heard what Gordon said. He expects us to marry. But, he'll be so pleased when he knows you turned me down.
Nina Leeds: Yes. Our ghosts would torture us to death, wouldn't they.

Title Card: In order for us fully to understand his characters, Eugene O'Neill allows them to express their thoughts aloud. As in life, these thoughts are quite different from the words that pass their lips.

Nina Leeds: Yes, he's gone. My father who began me. He's ended.

Nina Leeds: I gave him - what did I give him? Its what I didn't give. That last night, before he sailed, in his arms, knowing - something in me knowing that he would die. Never kiss me again, knowing so surely. And yet my cowardly brain lying, "No, he'll come back and marry you. You'll be happy ever after. With his children in your arms, looking up with his eyes. But, Gordon didn't marry me. And now Gordon is muddy ashes and I've lost my happiness forever.

Nina Leeds: Oh, Charlie. If you only knew how I'd want to run home to you - confess everything.
Charlie Marsden: Confess what, Nina?
Nina Leeds: I've been bad, Charlie. Wicked. I need to be punished and you're the only one left to punish me.

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