Transformers: Dark of the Moon
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Megatron: All I want is to be back in charge. Besides, who would you be without me, Prime?
Optimus Prime: Time to find out.

Optimus Prime: In any war, there are calms between storms. There will be days when we lose faith. Days when our allies turn against us. But the day will never come, that we forsake this planet, and its people.

Jerry Wang: Who wants some chicken dinner now, bitch? Huh? Looks like someone messed with the wrong Wang today!

Sam Witwicky: That woman just called me a messenger. Can you believe that? After everything I've done, I'm a messenger.
Wheelie: Oh I believe that. I tell you Sammy, we feel the same way. The disrespect on this rock is criminal.

Robert Epps: Why do the Decepticons always get the good shit?

Optimus Prime: You have made a grave mistake.

Optimus Prime: From here, the fight will be your own.

Sideswipe: Whoa, little Mexican stand-off we got here.

Sentinel Prime: How doomed you are, Autobots. You simply fail to understand, that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Robert Epps: That is one scary-ass looking Decepticon!

Sentinel Prime: It's our world now!

Seymour Simmons: Dutch, give me something tough.
Dutch: [speaks Russian.]
Kosmonaut: We do speak English.
Seymour Simmons: Dutch, you suck.

NEST Guard: Easy sir, this is Health and Human Services.
Sam Witwicky: Right, packin' M4's?

Ironhide: Class dimissed.

Ironhide: Decepticon punk!

Dylan: You think you're a hero? YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO?
Sam Witwicky: No, I'm just a messenger.

Charlotte Mearing: Our entire space programme of the 1960s was in response to an event.

Sam Witwicky: Humans are working with the Decepticons.

Simmons: Years from now, they are gonna ask us, "Where were you when they took over the planet?" We're gonna say, "We just stood by and watched."

Mission Control: We are not alone after all, are we?
Buzz Aldrin: No, sir. We are not alone.

Other mistake: So let me get this straight: Optimus Prime has Energon Swords hidden in both of his arms, with which he can slice through an entire Decepticon in one chop, yet when he is hanging from a few wires, despite having one arm entirely free, he can't cut himself loose?

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Trivia: Early on in the movie, Sam is watching Star Trek with Leonard Nimoy, who also plays Sentinel Prime. Also, Wheelie's comments on the episode are relevant to Sentinel Prime. (Just replace the word Spock with Sentinel Prime).

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