Mr. Popper's Penguins

Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011)

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Corrected entry: The Poppers take their penguins to Antarctica. As the Poppers stand amidst the snow and ice, their breath doesn't crystalise when they speak.

Correction: This type of 'mistake' has been corrected time after time. Just because it is cold doesn't mean you always see breath. It's more variable with humidity than cold in that sometimes you can see breath with temperatures above freezing, other times you don't see it even when well below freezing.


Corrected entry: Popper is attempting to buy Tavern On The Green in Central Park. In real life, Tavern On The Green declared bankruptcy in 2010 and went out of business.

Correction: Tavern on the Green is operating as a visitor's center and gift shop as of June 2011, and retains the name Tavern on the Green.


Continuity mistake: After Popper gets the other penguins he opens the box and leaves it in the living room, but when the kid opens the door the box disappears.

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Mr. Popper: Hello! I have to send the penguins back.
Voice On Phone: Send-da-penguin?
Mr. Popper: Yes, send penguins.

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Trivia: When a man is knocked over by the penguins at the Guggenheim, he yells a Wilhelm Scream.

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